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Spend Time


Gather your colleagues, friends or family and come spend some time with us at Botshabelo (groups of all sizes welcome). We will have several Mandela Day projects that you can get involved with that suits your budget between 18 July – 18 August 2022.


You will get an opportunity to see the IMPACT first hand when partnering with us.  Why not join us for some fun activities and celebrate with pictures while we take you on a tour of Botshabelo.

Book your spot today!

Gather Friends


Gather your colleagues, friends or family and collect items for our 67 squares in the weeks leading up to Mandela Day.


On the 18th of July 2022 (from 10am to 3pm), come to Botshabelo to add your donations to the 67 square meters….maybe a few times over. Grab a coffee, make your mark, join us for some fun activities and celebrate with pictures while we take you on a tour of Botshabelo. Please find attached our Needs Lists for this year.   


You can also supplement your donation with Second Hand Clothing (any age/size). SPEND 67 minutes ‘Cleaning Out Your Closet’ to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Invest you money


During 2020 & 2021 we launched our online DIGITAL squares. Any donor that donates financially during the Mandela Month will get their name (company of individual) on one of the squares on our website.


From as little as R67, you can help us cover some of our most basic and necessary costs, as well as funding bigger projects. Every little bit helps, so whether a company or a family, we encourage you to donate what you can! 


R167 = a therapy session for a baby

R670 = a week of bread & peanut butter for Urban Kids

R1 670 = a week of our Babies Home medical bill

R6 700 = train a preschool teacher in 2022


Want your impact to last beyond Mandela Month, why not become a PATRON of Botshabelo and sign-up a monthly debit order giving into one of our 3 programmes.

  • Babies Home (Adopt-a-cot)

  • Urban Kids Preschool (School Fees Sponsor)

  • UpliftED Teacher Training (Sponsor a Teacher)


For more information, email us at

Let's make a difference together

Take action, inspire, make a difference

“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are”

Mandela Day calls on us all, every day, to make the world a better place.  We have therefore declared July as MANDELA MONTH! This will give you some extra time to plan and participate.


As a charity, this is our favourite day of the year! Not only do we get to honour the great Nelson Mandela and connect with and celebrate our supporters and community. Mandela Day is a key moment for Botshabelo as it sets us up for success!


This year you will have several opportunities to partner with us.

Remember: BEE and Tax Benefits apply to all donations. For individuals or companies - we're happy to supply you with any paperwork required to get the ball rolling, and tax/BEE benefits achieved.