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Make an Impact

Ways to get involved

You can’t do everything, but you can do something! Donate, volunteer and serve at Botshabelo for real change. 

Adopt a Cot

Adopt a Cot in our Babies Home by giving monthly towards the cost of caring for a sweet babe in our home. You’ll receive updates on the child in your cot(s) and be able to celebrate their milestones and moments with us. Choose your tax deductible sponsorship amount, and know you’re making a difference!

UpliftED Sponsor

 If you believe in empowering women to improve their own lives and those of their preschool students, you can become an UpliftED Sponsor. Give monthly or once off to further our work in township and rural preschools in South Africa. Donations are tax deductible.

School Fees

 Become a champion for a preschooler that needs help. Sponsor school fees for a child in Urban Kids whose parents are unable to afford it. This will empower the whole family with an education that will set them up for success! Sponsorships can be done annually or monthly, are tax deductible and can be done as an individual or company.


 Volunteering at Botshabelo is a great way to give back with your time and skills - there are many opportunities for you to get involved. From spending time with the babies to administrative help and more, volunteers are crucial to our success. You’re sure to find your fit at Botshabelo.

Community Service

High schoolers, there are many ways you can clock in your community service hours while making a true impact. You can be extra hands and feet to play with children, volunteer in our office or even bring essential groceries for passive hours too.

MySchool Card

 Did you know that you can give back while you get discounts? And it won’t cost you a thing! You can link your MySchool Card to up to 3 beneficiaries, so why not sign up for a card and add Botshabelo as a beneficiary? There are loads of stores that accept these cards and donate to us on your behalf. 


Ever since I have been a part of Botshabelo, it has been tremendously rewarding to know that we have contributed in some small way to the development and betterment of a young and precious life.


MVMT Director

Botshabelo...I choose you because of your compassion and passion to make a difference (without ego).


Volunteer / Donor

We support Botshabelo because God has given us a heart for under-privileged children and because of the Botshabelo’s team total commitment to this cause. We find great peace and joy in providing resources into other people dreams to do good and spread Gods word. - Donor



We understand that the youth are the future of this country and early childhood development is the most important time for an individual. - David,


Smartcrete MD

Like me Botshabelo's UpliftED programme is passionate about improving early learning for all children, irrespective of where they live. I love seeing the way the teachers grow more confident and informed about how vital their role is, not only for individual children but for their country. It is a privilege to work together. - M, Volunteer



As a teacher, I am passionate about equipping the youth for their future. Through our work with Botsabelo as a service learning partner we are happy to support Botsabelo Children's Home and be a part of the great work and programs they are doing in the community. 

Beatty Sekizenge


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