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We, at Botshabelo, are so grateful for the wonderful support you have shown us in the past and we would love to continue our relationship with you. Firstly, and foremost, we want to share our good news stories with you. Its a great reminder of the battles we are winning in our country – there seems to be a lot of negative news and emotions in SA at the moment, and we just want to take a moment to reflect on the good happening too! We hope you’ll find this email encouraging – an update on Botshabelo’s good news! 

Babies Home: 

The Home turned 14 this year, and with that we saw us reaching a great goal – we have cared for and loved over 150 children in our Babies Home over the years! What a privilege it has been, and we’re not done yet! Since January this year we have seen 4 adoptions and 2 children being reunified with their biological family. Again, since January, we have accepted into the Home 6 new children – and how sweet they all are! Five of the kids came to us within a few weeks of their birth, so are very tiny. We even received twin boys – very premature, weighing only 1.7 and 1.8kgs respectively! Now, 1 month later, they have BOTH picked up over 1kg already – for a prem baby, that is excellent growth! 

Urban Kids Preschool: 

Urban Kids is rocking…the classrooms are full and the teachers’ hands are full too!! We have 73 children in the school this year – with Kjaere, a long-term American volunteer teaching one of our classes. Kjaere has been such a blessing, fully qualified to teach, she has taken over Makopano’s class while she’s on maternity leave. International volunteers like Kjaere remind us that we don’t live in isolation – but rather that there are many people across the globe coming out to support our work! 

Urban Kids offers the kids extramurals like Computer Creche and Gymnastics – and there’s always some form of crazy artwork out to dry on the line. 

The Training Programme: 

Recently, Michele, one of our Training Monitors went out to visit some preschools in Olievenhoutbosch that are not receiving any support, and the difference between these schools and the ones we are working with is enormous! The un-supported schools are in a dire state and have no equipment to teach with. It is heartbreaking to see…and we know that we have so much more work to do…but this is not about the bad news. The good news is that those visits Michele did have shown us that our training programme is WORKING! There is major change happening in the 14 centres we are working with, and the best part? The children are starting to learn something new EVERY day – that is the best news of all! 

We are currently reaching just over 800 women and children every week through our projects – we are humbled by the privilege offered to us to work within our community. 

Now, you have a supported us in the past through many ways – such as financial contributions, preschool makeovers, nappies and formula, second-hand donations, Christmas gifts and so much more. And in an effort to ensure that we remain sustainable as an organisation we have to ensure that we are continuously finding new and convenient ways for people to support us – to ensure that our doors stay open and those 800 beneficiaries’ lives continue to be transformed! 

Here’s where you might be able to come in…

We’ve got some exciting new ways for people to get involved with us – please won’t you consider how you might be able to help. And possibly even forwarding this email on to friends and family – they can help too! 

1. Adopt A Cot

We love to bestow dignity and love on every child in our home, and to make sure they are properly cared for, kept safe and nourished. We can’t do this without the help and support of our donors. You can Adopt-A-Cot in the Botshabelo Babies Home by pledging to donate towards the costs of a child in our home. It costs R2 500 per child per month, which includes costs like food, medical visits, nappies, formula and other items that the children need. You can Adopt-A-Cot on your own (you can adopt 2 if you’d like), as a company or even as a group of friends, bookclub, family etc. You can make your monthly donation via debit order. More information is available here.

2. Mandela Day 2014

We are now just around the corner from the 18th of July, Mandela Day 2014. We hope this will be a wonderful day of coming together as a community and celebrating the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. We will be marking out 67 square meters on our property where you can come and donate things like, formula, stationery, food parcels and cash. We want to full 67 square meters with kindness and generosity in honour of Madiba – would you join us!? There are a few other options and details, find them here.

3. Ride for a Future

We have a team of about 30 riders who have chosen to selflessly ride 94.7km for Botshabelo – and in doing so they raise money for our Babies Home. They’re heroes right? You can join them!! We’d love to have you on the team and would so appreciate it if you would ride for us, or get your mates to ride for us! Email to join the team. Or check the details here. If you’re not so keen on bicycles…not stress, you can still get involved. Your company could sponsor goods for our riders’ goody bags, you can sponsor a rider, donate to the campaign, sponsor cycling kit and all sorts. The options are endless, and we need your support! If you’re an individual, find out more here. If your company would like to get involved, find out the perks here.  


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Botshabelo was born, in 2000, out of a burning passion for the community and its desperate need for a place of safety, support and resources. The Babies Home, Urban Kids Educentre and offices are located on the 20 acre property of 64 on Main, Midrand. From this base we serve the community of Olievenhoutbosch and surrounds through our Early Childhood Development programme (UpliftED Training Programme). Botshabelo is passionate about transforming children’s lives through excellent education and residential care.

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